What is the best alternative to Eventbrite for event management?

EventNook has more offering for Business Event Team

EventNook and Eventbrite are both great event management platforms as both platforms help with registration and ticketing for all kinds of events. However, EventNook is especially designed to offer the needs of businesses, corporate event planners and professional event organizers, while Eventbrite can help you sell tickets in general.

Quick Facts

EventNook is not Free but
we empower your team to achieve more with Enterprise support!

1 No Signup or No Login For Attendees

In EventNook, attendees are not forced to sign up or log in during registration or buying tickets. Hassle-free registration for attendees.

2 No Marketing Email to Attendees

The event attendees will never receive a marketing email from EventNook. Our focus is to offer event teams with tools to manage your own audience.

3 Professional Event Website

EventNook offers professional looking event website and it allows you to publish event information with pages.

4 Your Brand First

Event website and communication emails sent to attendees can be tailored to meet the need of your brand and design.

5 Lower Transaction Fee

For Paid Ticketing event, EventNook transaction fee is lower transaction fee (For instance, USD: 1% + $1.25/ticket) than Eventbrite. Find out more at Our Pricing page.

6 Collect Payment Instantly

At EventNook, the event organizers are allowed to collect payment directly to their own payment account from all ticket sales.

7 Seamless Onsite Management

Fast and Seamless onsite check-in attendees with instant name badge printing. It empowers event teams to streamline the registration process, save time and create great experience for attendees.

8 Advanced PRO Features

Advanced PRO features and flexible options are provided for professional event team to effectively manage registration and ticketing. For instance, Tier Based ticket pricing, email customization, private URL, etc.

9 Flexible and Enterprise Support

When it comes to large and complex events, EventNook offering is more flexible to tailor Enterprise needs. The dedicated professional team will be assigned for business critical requirements.

And More...

Professional Event Micro-Site

Fast, Easy & Professional

  • Mobile-Friendly Event Website
  • Publish comprehensive event information
  • Customizable Registration Form
  • Launch your event site in minutes
  • More exclusive and private option for corporate events
  • No login or signup required for attendees
  • Advanced Brand Customization Service available
EventNook Micro-site example

Seamless Onsite Management

EventNook Micro-site example

NO or Less waiting time

  • Avoid hassle of manual registration
  • Streamline registration and access control
  • Fast check-in with QR Code eTicket
  • Track and manage attendance in real-time
  • Synchronize multiple devices
  • Seamless integration with Registration & Ticketing System
  • Search attendees instantly

Instant Name Badge Printing

  • Fast and Instant printing
  • Customizable Name Badge
  • Impress your guests with efficiency
badge printing

Check-in and Badge Printing Live Demo

Instant Badge Printing
with Label Printer

Fast, Simple and Efficient

Instant Badge Printing
with Office Printer

Personalized, Professional and Efficient

Integrated Payment

  • Collect Payment into your own account
  • Sell tickets with online payment
  • Automated Tax Invoicing & Receipt
PayPal PayPal

Customization for Business

Need brand customization or add-on services?

Customization & PRO Support

  • Custom Event Site Branding
  • Custom Registration Confirmation Email Template
  • Custom Reminder Email Template
  • Check-in Scanner for Large ticketed event
  • Badge Printing Service & Onsite Support
  • Invoice with your own logo

Add-on services

  • Email Blast Service
  • SMS blast
  • Online Survey Form
  • iPad Rental

Seamless Event Registration

Anyone can use eventnook to set up an online event website!

  • Conferences
  • Corporate events
  • Seminars & Talks
  • Workshops
  • Training & Classes
  • Social events & Parties
  • Festivals
  • Consumer Shows
  • Meet up/Networking
  • Performances
  • Sports and races
  • Art galleries
  • Fundraising events
  • Religious events
  • etc.

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