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About EventNook

In the past, creating an online event registration site for a major conference was a very daunting task for small events teams and organizers. It could take several, hassle-filled weeks for many event organizers in Singapore to successfully accomplish such a task.

So, in 2011, we began helping a couple of conference organizers solve their registration dilemmas, allowing them to focus on other important event details. Instead of worrying about the technologically challenging task of creating an event registration site, organizers could now concentrate on the content and creativity of their upcoming event.

In 2013, just two years later, we launched EventNook, a humble start-up with the vision of providing a simple, hassle-free event registration solution for individuals, agencies, corporations and others aiming to make worldwide change.

Today, many event planners utilize our end-to-end event registration software and check-in services. Whether you are an event planning agency pitching for a government conference, a corporate employee planning a private seminar, or an individual organizing a small get-together with friends, we provide the leverage for you to launch your online registration site in minutes!

Our mission is to continue to build a scalable event management platform by simplifying and, in many ways, redefining the old event management process. To do this, we take into account every event we have assisted in managing, and using this insight, we have optimized our use of the latest innovations in cloud and mobile technologies. In doing so, we have empowered event agencies planners to create a truly successful series of events.

Since our founding in 2013, we have organically grown from organizing a couple of events here in Singapore to serving thousands of clients in twenty-two countries across five continents. From the ground up, we have built our humble start-up into a blossomed business that takes pride in delivering an unparalleled service, a memorable experience, and many inspiring events.

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