Onsite Registration Showcase

Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing examples from our customers

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Conferences and Exhibitions

1. Global Tech Innovation Conference and Exhibition in Singapore
  • Checked in 500 guests in 30 minutes during the peak registration time
  • Managed with 5 check-in counters
  • The majority of guests checked in with a QR Code e-Ticket received in the confirmation email
  • The badge designed with a hole for a lanyard clip holder
  • Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors
  • Badge Printing Speed - 2 seconds per badge
  • Waiting time at the registration counter - Less than 3 minutes
2. An Industry Conference for Professionals
  • Checked in over 1,000 guest in 30 minutes
  • Using QR Code scan for fast registration
  • Manage large crowd with less manpower and waiting time
3. An Industry Conference for Professionals
  • Checked in 500 guests in 30 minutes during the peak registration time
  • Managed with 5 check-in counters

Events from Corporate and Institutes

4. VIP Corporate Event, Singapore
  • Checked in 200 guests in 30 minutes during the peak registration time
  • Managed with 5 check-in counters
  • The majority of guests checked in with a QR Code e-Ticket received in the confirmation email
5. Celebration Dinner for a community
  • Checked in 300 guests in 30 minutes during the peak registration time
  • Printing of Sticker Name Tag
6. Entrepreneurial Tech Talk
  • Checked in 150 guests in 30 minutes
  • Fast and Simple check-in with printing of Sticker Name Tag for guests
7. Leadership Lecture
  • Checked in 3,000 guests in 1 hour
8. Corporate Recruitment Drive

Family Activities and Festival

9. Activities for Families
  • 1,000 participants
10. Race pack collection for a marathon
  • More than 8,000 participants
  • Using QR Code e-Ticket to collect a race pack and entitlements
  • Reduced significant waiting time for participants

Features Overview

Send out QR Code e-Ticket via email
Automate sending out personalized registration confirmation email with QR Code e-Ticket to your guests via EventNook platform
Check-in with QR Scan
Simply scan QR Code from confirmation email or e-Ticket from Mobile. It takes a second to check in a guest.
Check-in by Name Search
For guests who don't bring QR Code e-Ticket, simply search guest by name, email, ID or company name and just tick to check in.
Print Name Badge instantly
Print personalised delegate's name badge on the spot. With our performance printing, it takes less than 2 seconds to print a badge.
Walk-in Guests Registration
Register walk-in guests for those who didn't pre-register or cater the registration at the last minute.
Amendment of Guest's Details
Amend guests' details instantly such as name, company name, etc. for changes or guest substitution and re-print the badge on the spot.
VIP Tagging / Seating Arrangement
Tagging allows to highlight special guests such as VIP, Speaker and assign table or seat number for guests. So the registration staff at the counter can serve and welcome important guests accordingly.
Self Check-in Kiosk
An option to let delegates do self-registration to save onsite manpower and efficiency.
Real-time Attendance Status at your fingertips
With real-time attendance status, you can monitor the number of guests arrival and who have arrived such as speakers, VIP, etc.
Multi-Sessions Tracking
Multi-sessions tracking allows the organizer to track attendance of break-out sessions and other program activities happening in the event.

With our mobile kiosk and instant printing, you can avoid the hassle of manual registration and a long queue at the registration counter.

Impress your guests with Fuss-Free Innovative Process

Use EventNook Mobile Check-in for various types of Events

  • Onsite Registration For Conferences and Exhibitions
  • Attendence Tracking For Seminar, Training, Corporate Meetings and Private Events
  • Ticket Admission Control for Festivals, Shows and Entertainment Events
  • Race pack collection management for Marathons
  • Conference & Exhibition
  • Seminar, Training, Talks and Workshop
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Product Launch Events
  • Corporate meetings and private events
  • Festival, Shows and Entertainment Events
  • Religious Events
  • Sport Events
  • more...

Learn check-in with different type of name badges printing

Mobile Kiosk and Instant Badge Printing
Fast speed check-in with QR Code and
Print on-demand name badge
Performance Badge Printing
with Label Printer
Fast Speed Instant Printing
Instant Badge Printing with Label Printer
Personalized, Fast and Easy

Instant Badge Printing
with Color Office Printer
Personalized, Professional and Efficient

Benefits Overview

  • Save time and manpower
  • Make no waiting time experience
  • Create wow factor with fuss-free check-in
  • Avoid hassle of finding pre-printed badges
  • Have full control of guests arrival status at fingertips
  • Increase your guests satisfaction

Download EventNook Mobile Check-in App

Features overview
  • QR Scanner (fast check-in with QR code ticket)
  • Search guests by name, email and ticket code
  • Self-Checkin Option for Guest
  • View real-time dashboard report
  • Instant Badge Printing from the app
  • Synchronize multiple devices
  • Seamless integration with Registration & Ticketing System

A platform you need to make registration easy!

  • Conferences
  • Corporate Events & Meetings
  • Workshops, Seminars & Talks
  • Communities Events
  • Training & Classes
  • Trade show & Exhibition
  • Social Events & Parties
  • Meet up/Networking
  • Performances
  • Festivals
  • Sports and Races
  • Art Galleries
  • Fundraising & Charity Events
  • Religious Events
  • and all kinds...

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